About us

Our Vision

Developing the solution to diverse socio-economic problems plaguing humanity with the purpose of our course.

Our Mission

To help people fully discover and develop their potentials so they in turn can contribute meaningfully to society.

Our Mandate

To be available for those that are actually in need of help and providing them with exactly what they need.

Hidden Pearls is an advocacy and intervention program that focuses on the psychosocial, economic and overall well being of victims.

After her NYSC in 2004, Mrs. Gold Dappa came up with the idea to set up what we have today after being sensitized of the challenges victims of pressing social problems were going through and the psychological effects on them which had gone beyond a critical point . She was further motivated after seeing the frustration these persons went through after trying to right the wrong that’s been affecting them. But of course, actualization of a dream of such a scale needs more willing hands, coupled with some enlightenment to get people to embrace and support the project.

Moved with compassion and diligence, we are determined to help people better their lives and live it to the fullest. Our programmes give them the best possible opportunity to help them accomplish that purpose and in the long run, solving societal problems, thereby making it better.

We would go to any lengths to see that we accomplish what we set out to do and give its benefits to the benefactors.


To make sure we accomplish all we set out to do, we as a body come together to consider how our impact can be truly felt and how best to influence the lives of our audience positively.

Therefore, we undergo the following processes before we finally move out to be with the people.

Planning and organizing

We plan and organize programmes to provide reliable and valid data to help youths/women make wise and effective decisions about their problems and give us the opportunity to reach out to them.


Arrange logistics and other support materials such as magazines, bulletins, cards, etc. to help relatively transformed/reformed youths adjust to the next stage in life.

Training sessions

Conduct training/learning workshops for youths/women in communities, states and the country as a whole. Those interested include those who need to improve their skills in various trades as well as those who want to learn something new.

Progress Report

This has to do with watching, guiding and directing to ensure that activities, energy and procedures are geared towards the set goal. And also referring the case to a higher authority when it goes beyond our scope.


As years go by, our dream, mission and goals haven’t change. Insead, they have even gotten stronger due to the fact that more people need us now more than EVER. So to assert our presence and show our usefulness, here are some throwbacks of what we’ve been able to do so far. These are reminders to help us remain grateful for the growth we’ve made since conception till dat. They also serve as motivation to do more as we enjoy putting smiles on the faces of people in need of a source of joy in their lives.